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10 Ways to Reduce Stress

I am in the process of looking through old newsletters and finding great information that never made its way to my website.  Here is a great way to help you reduce some of the stress you may be feeling.  Even if you do one of these things, it will bring you back to the present moment, where, if you spend time here, you learn there is no stress.

1)      Write a gratitude journal.

Studies have shown that being grateful for who you are and what you have builds the immune system, attracts more positive energy into your life, and makes you a happier person.  Write down three things you are grateful for everyday and see how the spirit of gratitude can increase your abundance and reduce your stress.

2)      Replace negative self talk.

The popular plastic bracelets can be used to remind yourself of your own negativity.  Whenever you hear a negative statement come out of your mouth, move a plastic bracelet from one wrist to the other so that you become aware of how often you use those statements.  Then replace the statement with something positive.  Change “I will never get everything done” to “I have the time to complete what is important.”

3)      Make a list every evening of your tasks for the next day.

When we plan and know what is ahead of us on a given day, we are more ready to jump into activity.  Do the most difficult task first when you are fresh. Be careful though, not to miss important appointments just because something is urgent.  Scheduling a self-care activity in the middle of a busy day can give you the focus and energy you need to complete your tasks.  What is your self-care activity for the day?  A walk? Breathing?  Eating right?  Put it in your day timer right now!

4)      Spend time with the people who energize you.

Do you know someone who drains your energy every time you are with them?

Is there someone in your life who gives you energy and joy?  Which person would you rather spend time with?  If you work with negative people, make sure to put some distance between you and a negative situation on a regular basis.  Walk around the block, take deep breaths and count to ten, focus on those you love.  Make sure you are connected with a group of people who share your interests.  Studies show that people who are connected in a community have better health than those who are isolated.

5)      Practice whole brain posture:  Sitting in whole brain posture helps you to reduce your stress by connecting both sides of the brain.  Sitting with feet and hands crossed allows the right and left brain to talk to each other.  Try some deep breathing with a positive affirmation.

I am worthy of love and attention

I live in peace and joy.

I do my best and my best is good enough.

I live abundantly.

I am enough.

God is in me, I am in God.

6)      Get extra sleep.

Getting 8 hours of sleep a night not only helps your hormones take care of your body and help you release toxins, you will be building your immune system to fight germs.  If you didn’t get the sleep you need at night, consider taking a cat nap.  Lie down on a flat surface and elevate your legs and bend your knees at a ninety degree angle.  Resting in this position for 20 minutes is equivalent to getting four hours of sleep.

7)      Fuel up with food instead of filling up.

Do you need mental clarity?  Energy?  Eat foods that are appropriate for what your body needs, rather than just filling up.  Fruits, vegetables, nuts, proteins, and multi grain breads are all a part of a balanced diet.  Can you add an extra piece of fruit or a vegetable today?  Remember that even an extra teaspoon of sugar lowers your immunity for five hours. (A soda or even a fruit juice has up to 16 teaspoons!) When you eat refined and processed foods, you will be tired two hours later and need to fill up again.  Nourishing your body means becoming aware of how you treat yourself.  You are worthy of love, so feed your body with love.

8)       Get moving.

Did you know that even 10 minutes of walking the stairs or around the block lowers the cortisol (stress hormone) in your bloodstream? You don’t need a solid hour of exercise to see benefits.  Several spurts a day to get your heart rate up will be a great benefit to your health.  Try starting the day with yoga.  It will get your body moving and help you center for the day.  There are many free online resources to get you started.

9)      Release the past

Letting go of the past is not an easy process yet it can have profound effects on your health.  Start to release past hurts by using a letter writing technique.  Choose someone whom you are still carrying ill feelings toward, and write them a letter.  This letter is never meant to be sent to the recipient, it is only used to help you let go of the stress you feel.  Write down everything you wish you could say in person.  Fill the letter with emotion, letting all your feelings pour into the writing.  Don’t stop until there is nothing left to say.  It is good to ask the universe to surround you and the other person with healing white light. You may want to burn the letter when you are finished, to release your feelings.   This could be the first step in regaining the energy you are putting into the past.  I know that this is a multi step process but it is good to begin.   When we release the past, we have more energy to live in the present.

10)  Take time to be well, or you will be forced to take time to be sick!

Do you notice how many of these activities are self-centered, in a good way?    Taking time for you by eating right, exercising, releasing emotional baggage, and surrounding yourself with people who love you makes you a happier, healthier person.  Stop saying you don’t have time to do any of these things.  That means you feel like you aren’t worth your time and effort. Taking time for you will reduce your stress and increase your well being. You are worthy of your own time and attention!

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  1. Great post Jan – oh the wisdom we find within ourselves. Funny, as I read “posture” I sat up in my chair – just the word triggered the change.

    I’m doing pretty well with most of these. I especially love hanging out with people who energize you, and getting extra sleep. I easily sleep 8.5-9 hrs a night! 🙂 Love it.

  2. I am working on getting 8 hours consistently! And I too like to hang out with people who energize me! 🙂

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