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Ah-Ha Moments

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At our 8 strategies meeting this week, I asked the women to share either a firecracker moment
( awe-inspiring!) or an Aha moment, a moment when a lightbulb went off in your head and you discovered something new about yourself.
We had a wide variety of answers:

  • Knowing it was the right time to be a mom because everything fell into place
  • Realizing the gift in even a broken relationship
  • Stepping up to the plate to create residual income for the family
  • Realizing the gift of being a writer
  • The awesomeness of living in Colorado
  • Changing a work situation for your kids
  • Accepting changes as they come into your life

We all agreed that sometimes, the aha moment came when we were reflecting back on a situation, realizing that we indeed have come a long way from where we were.

For your self-care today, take a few moments and reflect on your own aha moments.  Give  yourself credit for the progress you have made in your life, and   for recognizing moments that can change your life in small or significant ways.

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