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A Healing Presence

I am committed to being a healing presence in the world.

This statement came to me as I was finishing my third healing touch session for the day.  I was playing over in my head my heart virtue, or at least what I thought was my heart virtue- something about inspiring others to awaken to their own divine power.  I had taken an all day workshop in February to identify my heart virtue, a guiding light on my path of life.

I am committed to being a healing presence in the world. This statement rolled off my tongue and out into the world in glorious wonder.  It is concise and to the point, and contains very powerful words.

BEING- Notice I didn’t say I was committed to DOING.  All of my life I have been a doer, thinking that I need to accomplish something to be worth something.  God is telling me that just by BEING, I can make a difference in the world.

PRESENCE:  I am choosing to write about this word next because it defines my heart virtue more than any word.  What I love to do and feel I do quite well, is BE WITH.  I can be with someone in a one on one session, or I can be with someone when I am writing and am able to touch their inner being with my words.   When I am present to something or someone, my whole body and mind are attentive to the action/task at hand.  Maybe that means being tuned in to guidance for what healing touch technique would work best on this person now.  Or it means listening with compassion and allowing someone to share their story.  Presence is when I am in the flow and the words to a meditation just pour out of my mouth, or a section of my book is on the page in no time at all.   Presence means I am here right now and it is the only place to find love and peace.

HEALING:  This one is easy.  I just let God’s love shine through me and trust that who I am in the world is enough.  I have had those experiences where people I don’t know very well will open up to me and share their challenges.  I believe that is because God’s love flowing through me creates a safe space for people to be real.  I also believe that my own healing journey gives me some credentials that others can relate to.  It is as if the words “I knocked on death’s door and lived to tell about it” are stamped across my forehead.  I have been in a place many of these people are now experiencing, and they just want someone to hear them.  I love the quote “There is no one I can’t learn to love once I know their story.”  It is about acceptance that all of us are human and we are doing our best to find our way. If I can be a healing light to help someone’s journey, than I am living the life God intended for me.

The three words, Being, Healing and Presence fit so nicely together and create a very powerful statement about who I am and how I choose to live my life.

I am committed to being a healing presence in the world. I am grateful that I have the intuitive awareness to recognize this as my heart virtue and I look forward to moving out into the world, sharing more of who I am with the world.

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  1. Dear Jan:
    You cross my mind so many times. I just had to read your blog for awhile. Yes, I’m also committed to being a healing presence in the world. How beautifully put. You are that, and more. Blessings to you as you do what you love. WRITE ON!! I hope you like my double entendre!
    Blessings, Ruth

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