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A Mother’s Day Gift to Me!

I still have to pack for tomorrow’s journey to Minnesota where Becca will be graduating on Saturday.  But I am taking a few minutes to sit in the quiet  and remember what this time means to me.  It seems funny to think that as my children slip so easily into young  adulthood, I have the occasional desire to go back in time, when  three girls would sit under large colorful umbrellas in the middle of summer, licking popsicles and playing school.   I sometimes long for the giggle of little girls, Easter dresses, and curling up on the couch to read a story.

And just the opposite is true too.  I look forward with anticipation to the future, where Becca will be adjusting to life as a volunteer in Africa, Hannah will be living in community in an eco house on St. Ben’s campus, and Sarah will be enjoying her last year of high school.  There is so much to look forward to as they all learn and grow and keep developing into amazing women.

But today,  I am sitting still, aware of  the passing of time, and finding myself at peace in this present moment.  Tomorrow is a long drive- a chance to listen to a book on tape and catch up on conversations with Tony.  I know that our time with Becca will be scattered as she says good-bye to her family at school.   She will be wrapped up in the arms of friends and graduation festivities.  And I don’t want to miss a minute of it.  I don’t want to live in the past of little girls under my wing, and I am not ready for the future where Becca will be half way across the world.  But I am ready to be in Becca’s light and love, and watch as she walks with grace from the achievement of college graduation into a future unknown.  I want to experience the joy of living life to the fullest.  The best gift I can give myself this Mother’s Day is the gift of love found only in the moment called now.  My wish for you is that you also find yourself in this place of love!

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  1. I wish you a beautiful weekend with your daughter and family. Happy Mother’s Day Jan! Yes, this moment called now is where love resides with our children. But in this moment is all that brought us to it and the expectation of all that is to come. Knowing that Becca carries you, your family, and the experiences you’ve all shared together into her adult life can be the comfort and courage for you to joyfully release her further into the world. She will carry you with her wherever she goes.

  2. Safe travels and savor all those “now moments”… I love reading your reflections and they take me back to some past moments that I refer to as “Mary moments”…holding thoughts in my heart.

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