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A Shift in Perspective

It has been an interesting week with the announcement of Becca’s Peace Corps Placement in Somoa.  I am incredibly proud of Becca and am pleased that she is going to be using her skills to make the small island in the South Pacific a better place.  She will be educating teachers on English Literacy and also be creating two community projects and managing them. They could be anything from an after school program to a health program or even preparing for the building of a new community school or center.  When I think of her marketable skills when she returns, I am in awe.

Lucky for me, I connected with some amazing women on Tuesday night and had the opportunity to share some of what is happening with me.  I am overwhelmed with the changes that are coming in our family, and I am working to build my speaking business and sell more books. I never seem to be able to relax and stop working.    A friend said to me, “Why are you looking to the future to build your legacy?  You have already built it in your children.  Look at what they are doing.  It is time to celebrate!”

She is right- Sometimes I am so focused on how I can be successful financially with speaking and book sales, that I forget to look and see that my daughters are my immediate success.  I think about the doors that will open for each of them, ones that were never in my line of vision, and I can take some personal pride in knowing that I had a tiny hand in shaping them to see the world as full of possibility. Becca will be in Somoa, working to build a stronger community.  Hannah will be back in Minnesota, living in community and studying for a double major in English and Environmental Studies.Sarah will only be with us one more year before her own college adventure begins.  She is looking at places with a global community that will stretch her and make the world smaller, and  less black and white.  There will come a time for me to put ALL of my focus on speaking and writing.  But that time is not yet here.  Now is the time to celebrate with gratitude all the blessings of my family.

How many of us women are missing the boat?  How many of us think that our roles in the work world are more important and define us more than the role we play in our own home?  If my girls are any indication of things I have done right, than I am successful beyond my wildest dreams!  Now that is a perspective that I need to reflect on and remember as I move slowly into the next phase of my life.


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