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A Writing Space

A place that inspires me to write is my living room in the dead of night.  The porch light casts its glow through the bay window and across the coach as if inviting me to sit and pick up my pen.  It is a presence- the writing angel that calls to me at 3 am and beckons me out of bed to get in touch with my soul.  The only sound I hear is the whirl of the furnace when it kicks on and the constant hum of the refrigerator.

In this quiet place, I find my pen crossing the page filling in words to empty out my head.  I find peace, not caring what subject or sentences have found their place on paper, just glad now that my mind is clear and I can return to sleep.

When is the right time to write?  Now is the best time, whatever time that is.   And when the writing angel wakes you at 3 am, it is best to write and clear my head.  Sometimes it only takes 20 minutes, and I am back to sleep.  Other times, I am still writing when the sun comes up.  I don’t feel tired.  Instead I am energized by the time spent in reflection.

In the quiet of the morning hours, I connect to my center, to my soul, and that makes all the difference in how the day plays out.

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