Jan Haas-Welcoming All Life Has to Offer!

I am so happy you have found me through some wonderful human connection or through the power of the internet. I am excited to share my artistic expressions with you.

I have been looking back at where I was and where I am headed.  It was my sister-in-law who reminded me that when we first met, I wanted to be a greeting card designer.  Little did I know that the energy of that wish would carry me through my early married life and the arrival of three daughters, through a challenging decade after almost losing my life to illness, into years of helping others through Healing Touch, corporate wellness, and self-care coaching.

My Moments of Delight self-care cards were my first project, helping others to reclaim their worthiness five minutes at a time.  This led me to find my passion in creation- drawing, painting, playing with color, just being willing to have fun.

It was a decision to write a year of thank you notes that spurred me to create handmade cards to send to friends and loved ones. While I didn’t send one a day, I did send out over 200 cards that year. And my business, 22 Delights, selling hand-designed cards, gifts and prints, was born.

Creativity as self-care has allowed me to truly see that my own artistic expressions can help guide someone else to uncover their own brilliance. As I step more fully into being the Joy Artist, I allow that joy and my healing energy to be expressed through my creations. True freedom starts with a willingness to be real, to be vulnerable, to know that some days will be difficult. I am still learning to say to myself, “Jan, it is okay. You are doing the best you can.”

I have been told many times that just standing in my booth at a show feels good.  And it is certainly possible that me handing you a Be Kind to Yourself card makes an impact as well.

Life is too short to hold on to our limiting beliefs, the fears and doubts that keep us small.  We need your voice and your light to make this world bright. Together, we can shape the future into a place that is healing and healthy for future generations.