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Afraid of making a Splash?

Afraid Of Making A Splash?
Water on the soccer fields

Water on the soccer fields


Early this morning, we received a call from Aaron Nagel asking us to measure some extra soccer fields at Southmoor Park.  All of the rains this week caused some erosion issues at Kennedy Park. It was an insignificant inconvenience compared to what many Coloradoans were dealing with due to massive flooding.

The sun was out, it was warm, and who wouldn’t want to play soccer on this beautiful morning?  Only half way around the first field, my shoes were already soaked and small puddles of standing water dotted the playing surface.

I was reminded of when my oldest daughter played on these same fields, at a time when the fields were never closed unless they were covered in snow.  One season, there seemed to be a constant pond on one corner of the field almost twenty feet wide.  When the ball would land in the middle of the water, we watched the girls move in slow motion, almost stopping in mid-step, pondering the ball in the middle of the water, until one brave girl would slosh in, and kick the ball out with such force that the resulting splash would spray everyone around the pond, and the game would resume.

As I pushed the paint machine through the puddles and I felt the water squish in my shoes, I thought about how inconvenient the water was, and I wondered how often something like a little water stops me dead in my tracks, and keeps me from moving forward in my life or my business.  What was I afraid of?  Getting wet?  Making a splash? Sometimes we worry so much about the details that we never get around to enjoying what life has to offer.

Just as we finished painting lines, little soccer players began pouring on the field like happy ants on a picnic blanket, coming from all corners of the park to converge on the soaked grass.  I heard one coach say,” You’re going to get wet and dirty.  Just go with it.”

Soooo, what is holding you back?  What are you afraid of?   Believe me, if taking a step through whatever is stopping you results in the same joy as kids playing soccer on a Saturday morning, you’re in for an amazing adventure!  Yes, life can be messy, but when you are fully engaged in the game, you aren’t thinking about water in your shoes!

You’re going to get wet and dirty!  Just go with it!

Playing soccer

Playing soccer

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