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Are you Falling? Or Jumping In?

Are You Falling?  Or Jumping In?
Jumping In! Jan Haas, compassionate leader, speaker

Jumping In

This weekend I had the opportunity to do some healing work on a client, and the meditation we walked through was quite insightful. We moved from a place above the ocean, which she identified as her life, to a place in the future where she met her future self sitting on the beach. The future self has a message to the current self- “Everything is going to be okay. Remember you are not alone.”
When I asked my client to identify the process by which she came to be sitting on the beach, she recalled that she fell into the water. I had her look back into the meditation again, and asked her if she really fell or if she jumped.She remembered that in the visualization, I was holding her hand and we jumped on the count of three. We identified that jumping implied that there was a safety net to catch her, and that she wouldn’t be alone. Falling felt more like there was no control in her life, that even if she didn’t choose the circumstances of her life, she also couldn’t choose how she responded to those circumstances.  We knew that wasn’t true.

So where are you? Are you falling into your life, or are you jumping in, ready to face whatever comes your way, knowing that there are people who love and support you? As I move into the future, I have to remind myself to jump in willingly, even if the future and what is next for me is uncertain. I am making myself trust the process. I am working with my friend Andrea on compassionate leadership, and I find that I am stretched outside my comfort zone in many ways.  I have to remind myself that the difference between fear and excitement is breath! And I do have the ability to choose how I respond to the events of my life.

A few weeks ago, I shared in my blog about a saying I had found. After the great insight this weekend, I am deciding I want to change one of the words:

JUMP fall into the mystery of your life,

the person you will become will catch you!


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