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Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

If we take the time to listen in prayer, instead of always talking, or asking for things, we might find the peace we really crave, when we allow the love of God to envelope us. Take a few minutes now, to remind yourself of the power of quiet.

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  1. Jan,

    Your video blog is such a blessing in my week! Thanks for the heartfelt messages that you share. You are making a difference in many lives!

  2. Thanks Pat. And thank you for writing a response. It sometimes feels lonely making my videos and it is nice that there are really people on the receiving end! Hope you have a great summer!

  3. Great message….and reminder. Even though I “know this” I don’t always practice it! So easy to hurry life along, but feel so much better when I DO take time!
    Love you…and your messages!

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