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Are You Part of the Problem? Or the Solution?

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with my friend Andrea Costantine watching the movie “I Am” Created by the producer of movies such as Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty,  this documentary was made after his own close brush with death.  He took a camera crew and went around the world interviewing scientists and the lovely Desmond Tutu, asking what is wrong with the world, and what can we do about it.   What he discovered is more about what is right with the world, and how we can be part of the solution rather than increasing the problem.  Our DNA is 99% the same as all living life on the planet, down to little insects.  Our human nature isn’t to be competitive, but rather cooperative.  Our emotions have an action in the world, and since we are connected to everyone,  the people who are hurting around the world are affecting our own lives.

If you can take the time to see it, do it now.  It isn’t going to be in theaters very long.  You will be glad you did.


I Am the Movie

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