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Becca’s Journey Begins

There she is, my beautiful daughter Becca, as she arrives at DIA for her next adventure- two years stationed in Samoa for the Peace Corps.

For the last two weeks, we have been doing nothing but running errands, buying last minute supplies, and sharing our opinions on how to best pack bags with eighty pounds of stuff. I was more than ready to send Becca away so I could begin to miss her.

Today finally came and as the seconds slipped by, I realized there is never a way to prepare the heart for such a long time away. I knew there would be tears. How can there not be?  If I stay in the present, I am able to see the joy and excitement on Becca’s face, because she has been preparing for this adventure for over a year, and she is ready to go out and experience the world. She has been saying good-bye for weeks, filling up on hugs and love, and yet keeping a space open in her heart for all that is new and still to come.

Where did she learn to be so brave- to put her fears aside and reach for and live in the possibility of what can be?  When did she become such a strong woman?

Word has already spread across facebook, and a friend posted, “The time will go fast. It is already tomorrow in Apia!”  That made me smile and remember to take a breath.  Yes, there are many miles and an ocean that will separate us, but my heart knows no distance to hers. And just maybe there is a little space in my heart for growth on my own journey.  While Becca travels the world, I will begin the inner journey of discovering what is next for me as Tony and I approach the launching of our last daughter to college next year.  Becca helps me to see what is possible and embrace it with both arms and a heart wide open!

Your prayers and good thoughts are always welcome to keep her safe.  You can follow Becca’s blog at


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