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Begin a Gratitude Journal

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What are you grateful today?
Sometimes just changing our focus from what we feel is lacking in our lives to what we actually have been blessed with can relieve stress.

In this economy, who doesn’t worry about money?  Instead of wishing and wondering where more money will come from, why not feel grateful for all that you have?
Let me start the list for you:

A place to lay your head at night
A method of transportation
Food to keep you healthy
The ability to walk and exercise
Nature and new flowers peaking their heads out of the earth!
Family and friends who love you.
The ability to laugh

See!  It isn’t hard to think about all the gifts that are already present in our lives.  This month, find a notebook you can use and call it your “Gratitude Journal.”  Before you go to bed each night, think of three things you are grateful for and write them down.
When you spend time in the emotions of gratefulness, joy and love, more good things will come to you, including money!

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