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Believe in the Good


Believe Rock

Somewhere along this journey, I have learned to see the good in life through all the obstacles that come my way. I will admit that this is easier when things are going well, then on those days when I am in a funk, or my list of to-do’s is longer than my patience for such things.

Yet, now I am even able to stop and say, what is this experience teaching me?  What good can I pull from this experience??

We need each other to shed light on our journey and remind us of what is good. I have had many positive mental attitude coaches along the way, helping me to see with eyes of gratitude.

Life provides many opportunities for us to learn and grow. When we believe that life is generally good, we have the capacity to use that strength to help us overcome the darkness that is a part of life. That change in perspective– gaining that 360 degree view that only comes when we get to the top of the mountain, or to the end of a long road, helps us to live our lives more fully, knowing that joy comes out of the pain of our lives.

When we have the courage to be vulnerable and fully live authentically even through the pain, we come out on the other side, more fully human,  more resilientmore connected, and better able to trust in the good that always comes in life.

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