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Blessings for my friend Darleen

My wonderful friend Darleen took a tumble a few nights ago while staying in an unfamiliar house.  She fell down a flight of stairs and broke both of her arms, which will require surgery tomorrow.  Her husband heard her calls for help and tumbled down the same stairs, although he didn’t break anything.  Although Darleen will be fine, they are looking at several months recovery where she will be dependent on Bruce for everything.

I am reminded of when I fell in January on the ice and broke my wrist and had to have surgery.  It seemed like the longest time that I couldn’t do  anything with my dominant hand.  I had to learn to use my left hand for everything, including writing.   I felt like I was at such a disadvantage, right a the time I wanted to be writing my book.  I had to re-evaluate my goals and be realistic about what I could accomplish during my recovery period.

Darleen will have a much more difficult time.  With no arms to use, she will depend on Bruce for all of her care, and that could be weeks, depending on how long she is in splints or casts.  There will be many lessons for Darleen to learn and she sits back and learns to let others  help her.

Darleen has always been an amazingly independent woman.  I have known her for almost 10 years.  I have looked to her as a leader in the two businesses we have worked in together.  Now her way of leading will be to show us how to graciously accept help.  Her many friends will rally around her and help her with a speedy recovery.

Darleen’s team is stepping up to create some income so that she doesn’t have to worry about the business.  That is one of the best gifts of network marketing:  When you have built relationships with others, and life hands you lemons, your team will help you make lemonade!  All of us wish her the best and are praying for strength for the next few months.  And we will be doing our best to help her by building our own relationships with people who are looking for a change in their lives.  As we bond together and share the gifts we have in our company’s products and unsurpassed business opportunity, we will grow our businesses and in turn, create a financial cushion for Darleen.  Network Marketing  is one of the most ethical business models I know, and I am proud to be involved in making the world a better place by helping others take charge of their lives, and working with a team of people who want to make a difference.

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  1. That is the real beauty of people in netowrk marketing. They care and they make so many new friends along the journey.

    Sorry about Darleens accident but she will be comforted by all her new friends just like you

    Bless you all


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