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Bon Voyage

On Monday, my daughter will leave for a semester abroad where she will be studying in Greece and Rome.  What an exciting time in her life!  She was talking to a friend of our the other day, and he said he would be so nervous to send his daughter abroad, and he doesn’t even have children!

So what do I think?  I think it never gets easier saying goodbye to my daughter.  This is her junior year in college and I still cry every time she leaves.  I love our family time so much and she falls back into our rhythm so easily that I never feel at odds with her when she is home.  Maybe that is what makes her leaving so much harder.  If I fought with her all the time, I would have suggested a year abroad!  🙂

I know she is headed to a part of the world that may be foreign to me, yet she will be with 29 other students and a teacher and his family.  She will have help adjusting to a new culture, and she will be studying the culture while she lives there.  This isn’t an easy semester- she will be taking 17 credits worth of classes.  The good news is that she is in class for 4 days and has  three day weekends to explore the surrounding areas.  Sometimes, she will travel with her whole class, and sometimes just with a few friends.   Phone calls will be expensive and rare so the occasional Skype will have to do.   She will be blogging about her semester so we will stay in touch the best we can.

She is old enough now that I have to trust she can follow her intuition and stay safe.  I can’t worry about her for four months- I would be a wreak by the time she returned.  So on Monday when we take her to the airport, I will kiss her good-bye, cry as usual, and wish her an amazing journey full of adventure and fun.   I will place her in God’s arms and trust that the angels will care for her when I can’t.  It is what I do every year.  And next year I will do it with my second daughter.  It is a good thing God’s arms are able to expand and extend so far away!

Bon Voyage my dear, and know that even though my arms can’t hold you, my heart always does!

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  1. Wow! What an amazing opportunity. You are doing a great job as a loving and supportive mother! It is so great that you’re embracing this and allowing her to be who she needs to be, and to find who she is in this world. Sounds like an amazing journey for both of you! Take care and hang in there. I get to see what this is like with my kids years from now. 😉 Oh, Boy!

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