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Christmas already?

There is something wonderful about this time of year when the sun shines through the thinning foliage of the trees, when a walk takes you through crisp fallen leaves, and the air smells of autumn- damp wood, fireplaces, and even apples.

It is a great time for reflection.   I like to look at not only what has happened this year with its blessings and challenges, but look forward to the next year like a school kid, knowing that I have months of growth ahead.   I like to get out my coloring book and meditate with a mandala, coloring lines and shapes and figuring out the puzzle that is my life.  It is an endless journey.

I know many people begin making their to do list for the holidays.  Avoiding the shopping malls is on my list, where signs of Christmas are everywhere, even amid the pumpkins and ghosts.  I know the temptation is great to shop ahead and beat the stress of the season.  More will come on that topic in November.  But do yourself a favor:  Be sure to get out at least once a day, even if it is for five minutes, and take in the sights and sounds of the October days.  Savoring these last moments of warmth will come in handy when we are in the dead of winter longing for some sunshine.    It is good for your soul, connecting to nature in all her glorious colors of the season.

And maybe if we’re lucky, you and I will meet up in the same park where we can share a bench together and catch up.   We can share smiles and the warmth of friendship, and we won’t let our looming shopping days take away the joy of this moment.

Whatever your needs are, know that The Present Path is here to support you and walk with you as you journey toward wholeness!

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