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Christmas in July

Yesterday, I truly had Christmas in July.  Cheryl, a friend I haven’t seen since I lived in Iowa, was in town and she and her family stopped for a visit.  We chatted like we were just together last week.  Our Christmas letters had kept her filled in on the activities of our family. We chatted about people we know, growing gardens, the Field of Dreams (which is for sale for only 5.4 million!) and how grateful we are that we still don’t look like our pictures 20 years ago! It was such a gift to be able to spend a couple of hours renewing our friendship.

This is just another reminder to me about the power of the written word.  Even though I sometimes think no one reads Christmas letters, or even this column for that matter, something little happens to let me know that indeed, there are people on the other end of my communications who appreciate the connections.
So, if you are really out there, and you have read this far, hit reply and say hello!  I would love to know that I am not getting lost in cyberspace!

Happy July!

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