• Are you a highly sensitive person?  Do you often feel overwhelmed and not know why?  
  • Could you be taking on other people’s energy as an empath and not even know it?
  • Do you wish you could find a way to get through each day with ease and grace?  
  • Do you have limiting beliefs that keep you from owning your own brilliance?
  • Are you aware of your purpose on this earth?  Do you know you are called to be of service and yet don’t know how to make that happen with your unique gifts?
  • Are you struggling to own your worthiness?  Do you forget that you are a divine creation, made out of love, to share love?
  • Have you ever thought, “There has got to be another way!”?

When one encounters a belief system that is no longer working, is is only then that one can exercise choice.  The task becomes learning how the body system is working, taking in new information, and choosing to release the old and move into the new.  As I assist my client on the inward journey to connect to his/her own wisdom, the opportunities arise to discover new truths, to experience and know a deeper divine love, and to expand to a different frequency.


When you work with me, you will learn tools and strategies that help you:

  • Identify and transform the limiting beliefs that prevent you from living your life fully.
  • Make choices that honor you, so you can enter into other relationships with your best self. When you take care of your own needs with greater love and compassion, you are able to show deeper empathy to others.
  • Discover your natural creativity and tap into it to express yourself more authentically in the world.
  • Expand your connection to your own inner divine wisdom.
  • Create more joy and express more gratitude as you learn to live more fully in this moment.
  • Live in Light and Love and create the world around you to support all your dreams.


Do you want to make a change but don’t know where to start? Are you committed to making the best version of you with love and compassion?  Click on the tab at the right, and let’s get moving.  Let’s schedule your complimentary clarity call so we have a place to begin.

You are already whole!  You are made in the Divine image of our Creator, who doesn’t make mistakes!  When you tap into that energy of wholeness, of love and trust, of gratefulness and peace, you can begin to bring healing to those parts of yourself that feel out of sync with your divine beingness.

Sacred Self- Care Coaching is about stepping into your Divine Light and Love, and living inside out so that your inner calm begins to affect your relationships, your career, your life path, etc.


Speaking with Jan helps me get out of my head. I notice how negative my thoughts are at times, and when I realize I would never speak to a friend that way, I find my way back to being kind to myself.  I am able to get on with my purpose. I now have a direction again along with clarity, so I can FOCUS on what I need to do first, second and third. Having someone listen and be a positive sounding board can make such a difference!
Helen, Ontario

“For me, having lost touch with my own intuition and joy inside kept me from changing my work situation. Until I began working with Jan, I couldn’t tune in so well to me own needs. Once she taught me how to do this I could overcome fears within that held me back and be in touch with my intuition to change my situation.  I also had a hard time letting myself off the hook and allowing fun into my life. Jan taught me that it’s good to be in touch with what is fun for me! Learning how to set intentions was an important part of me living the life that I wanted and am now living more fully in.”

Anna M, Denver, CO


“Working with Jan, I have learned not to be a perfectionist and that love and faith can provide more happiness than control and worry.  I also learned that there are people out there that will accept me for who I am (with all my flaws) and not the image I tried to project for so long.”

“I used to feel anxious and worried about everything and now I feel peace, satisfaction doing the little things with much more love and joy.”

My work career has advanced–I am much more decisive because I worry less about what everyone will think about my decisions. Jan will listen compassionately. She has been through amazingly challenging trials so keep an open mind and learn from her. “ 

PL, Florida

I was inching along on my path to self discovery before Jan and I began our work together. I longed to step into full authenticity but was  tip-toeing behind stage. Jan knew that she could help and came to find me (giving fully of herself) in the place that I was. She’s held my hand, pushed me forward and pulled me into becoming the woman that I knew I was.

SB, Denver

Are you beginning to experience or wake up to the energy around you? Wholeness & Healing is about all aspects of your life.


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