Setting the Sails for a New Year

Image by <a href="">Daniel Büscher</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>
Image by Daniel Büscher from Pixabay


It is the time of year when the gyms are full, grocery baskets are filled with healthier food, and people are busy working on their resolutions. In February, all the hype will die down, and people will resume their normal lives, perhaps a little more weary of setting a new resolution.

So, what is the difference between a new year’s resolution and an intention?  

A resolution is usually a specific goal or action a person wants to take. 

I want to lose 20 pounds. 

When February hits and they haven’t reached your goal, disappointment can set up further failure.

The trouble is we are good at living well within our comfort zone. It is easy to hide behind our fears and the ‘not good enough’ belief that robs us of our true path.   Unless we are reflective and consciously make the choice to change, we will never reach our dreams and desires. 

Setting an intention focuses more on the journey than a specific goal.  An intention taps into WHAT we want and WHY we want it. It is more of a process, a way of being in the world.

Intentions can inspire specific goals but are much bigger than goals. Choosing the word healthy implies more than just going to the gym. It also means healthy relationships with self, others, exercise, food, environment, etc.    

Intention setting interrupts the patterns we have created the mostly run our lives. We make the choice to “Live” a word of the year, and each day, set into motion actions that help us live that word. In other words, we are consciously choosing to create a life based on what we most value.  An intention gets at the essence of what we most desire, and it helps us cultivate and nurture more of what we want.  Intentions require our attention and creativity. And they often require us to surrender and trust the process.   

Let your word be your rudder to help you course correct throughout the year.  When a person is sailing across the ocean, they don’t set course once and expect to arrive at their destination.  It takes vigilance to recalibrate the course and reset the sails to make sure one gets to where they want to go.  Choosing an intention word can help you be more aware of your path, and help you make choices that support your desires. 

For further help in discovering your word of the year, a great resource is