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Connecting to a Better Definition of Success

Connecting To A Better Definition Of Success
Heart in red wood

 Success is a heart to heart connection!

This week, instead of the things I actually had on my calendar, life happened and gave me the opportunity to share a message of hope, and I have done that in four different face to face meetings, over the phone in coaching sessions, and with a friend when I took her a meal and watched her newborn baby while she ran an errand.

What crazy place of perfection am I coming from that tells me that I haven’t accomplished anything?

I had to look for a better definition of success, and I like what I found.  I have been happy this week, because I know that the way I show up for others, and the way I choose to be fully present makes a world of difference.  I love living from the space of my heart, rather than the critical space of my head. Again, I am reminded that when I live in my being-ness, instead of my doing, I really am a bearer of hope.

Click on this link, read this short article on redefining success, and tell me what you think success is.  Please, it gets awfully lonely in the space of my head, and I would love to know that you are out there, and I am actually connecting with you through my heart!  Say hello, or just draw a smile.  That will do my own heart good!

Yeah!  It is true- do what you love, and what you are passionate about, and the money will follow!  🙂

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