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Courage on the Journey

Courage On The Journey

heart rock - courage on the journeyDid you know that the word courage comes from the latin word cor or the french word cuer which means heart?

Courage means the ability to act in the face of fear.

All of life is change, and change is hard for many people.  We want things to remain the same, but even if we think things are the same, they never are.  Every wave that touches the beach is different, even when we look out on to the ocean and think it hasn’t changed.

What do you need courage for in your life?

Are you wanting to make a change in your health?  Do you want to start a business? Write a book?   The first part of courage is just showing up in our vulnerability, knowing we might not have it all figured out, but it is time to take a step in the right direction.

Courage means trusting your heart to show you the way.

It takes courage to be vulnerable, to let others see you as you really are.  But the magic is that when we acknowledge our struggles, and allow others into our lives, we connect at a much deeper level and can heal the hurts that keep us separated. We give others the courage to do the same.

What can you do with courage today?  In what direction can you let your heart lead you, and then be brave enough to follow?

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