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Doing Less, Discovering More


In the last week, I have become aware of how many things I do in my life by rote, so much so that I often am not present to the act of doing them.  When my mind is not on the present moment, I am off thinking about something in the future, or worse, thinking about something I did or didn’t do in the past.
In order to keep my life less stressed, it is vital for me to be present in the moment.  I easily stress when I think of my to do list, and all the things I need to do to make my business successful, or get my book written.  But the reality is I can only do one thing at a time, and I have to do that one thing in present time.
My oldest daughter and I have been talking about her schedule next year, and she is already thinking about what she will do after college. As we discuss her fears, my answer is always the same.  Worrying about the future never does anyone good, and the only thing she can do in the present moment is what is in front of her.
So taking my own advice, I begin working on the tasks that are in front of me.  I know that I might not get everything finished today, yet, I am reminded that we are always a work in progress.  And if I am present to my work today, I am more effective and will take less time to complete each task.

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