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Donna Finds Her Voice Through Cancer

Donna Mazzitelli has a special reason to celebrates Valentine’s Day today.  She was given an uncertain future four years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Like anyone diagnosed with a serious condition, Donna’s first thought was “How could this happen to me?”  In a flurry of recommendations from doctors, her husband and friends, Donna was told that a mastectomy was the best and quickest option to remove the cancer. She would have to undergo chemotherapy only if the cancer spread to the lymph nodes.  A lumpectomy was out of the question, because Donna knew she already did not want to put her body through radiation.  However, in a moment of quiet, a voice from deep inside spoke up. “Why are you rushing?  Why not take the time to look at other options and make sure this is the right path?”

The system in which we treat cancer is set up to amplify the fear of the person diagnosed.  Luckily, Donna took the time to hear her inner voice speak.  Her desire to heal her body naturally led her down a path of multiple healing modalities.  Time and money were dedicated to alternatives such as homeopathy, energy work, quantum biofeedback, supplements, and acupuncture.  Although her husband still thought the surgery was the best option, he supported her journey.

When a spot at Deepak Chopra’s “Perfect Health Program” opened up, her husband agreed that time away by herself might help Donna come to some clarity about her future.  It was during this week that Donna’s health transformation took place.  The idea of integrating both western and eastern philosophy of health came from a doctor who told her that true wholeness comes from embracing the very best of both worlds.  He recommended that she go through with the surgery.  During this week of new knowledge and reflection, Donna changed her focus from, “Why me?” to “Why not me?  I can have a life.  I will be cancer free!”  Donna moved from anger and wanting an instant fix to acceptance, and being willing to walk the path through the challenge to get to the other side.

Donna returned and had the mastectomy.  Because the cancer had not spread to her lymph nodes, there was no need for chemotherapy.  She remains cancer free today.  But the real miracle of the whole experience was for Donna to claim her power and say yes to surgery with her own voice and convictions instead of for everyone else’s sake.  “When I say I am powerful, that is not egotistical.  The power comes out of Divine Love- and that is amazing!”

This experience has taught Donna to be more compassionate, less judgmental, and more forgiving of herself and others. She has developed a closer relationship with the Divine.  “Everything is out of love and for love,” she says.

Her suggestion to anyone going through a challenging experience is to “open your heart a little more to the Love that will see you through.”   Thanks Donna, for opening your heart and being willing to share your story with others.

“Donna Mazzitelli shares her passion for creating a greener lifestyle through her company, Bellisima Living, LLC. Her blog, Bellisima Goddess, focuses on creating a holistically healthy, joyful and green life. You can find Donna in “Speaking Your Truth.” She is currently working on a children’s book series. Visit her website at!”

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