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Earth Angels

Thank God for the helpers who come along right when you need them.

I was on my way home from the cabin and hadn’t even gotten to Berthoud Pass when the temperature gauge on my car went past hot in a matter of minutes.  I pulled into the Alco parking lot in Frasier and wondered what I would do next.  I saw a man sitting in his car and asked him if he was from the area.  He was not but suggested that I go into the local coffee shop and see if I could find someone who knew a good mechanic.

There were only a few people in the shop- it was 10;30 in the morning, past the local rush.  However, I stood at the counter and asked a few people if they knew of a good mechanic in Frasier.  A wonderful gentleman by the name of Jack said that he did and asked me what kind of car I had.  I told him I had a Toyota and what the problem was.  He mentioned that the mechanic was just down the street and he would be happy to take me there, after he finished his cup of coffee.  He suggested that I have a cup too.

I learned that Jack has had a place in the valley for 30 years and moved there permanently when he retired 15 years ago.  His passion is skiing and he is able to ski up to 90 days a year.  Jack said the discount for seniors makes it affordable.  I told him I had spent the weekend writing and we talked about another Denver author I should look up.  We talked for about fifteen minutes and then he said, “Let’s take a look at your car.”

Here is where I admit my ignorance:  I can count on one hand the number of times I have opened the hood to my car, and I would have fingers left.  As soon as the hood was open, it was clear that I was completely out of coolant.  Jack took me into Alco, found some coolant and a gallon of water and carried them to the front of the store for me, just so when I paid, I would get the senior discount!

We filled up the car, and I followed him back to Tabernash, just to make sure the lack of coolant was the only problem with the car.  When we stopped, I thanked him again for being such a kind person to step in and help.  Jack said, “I have daughters!” and I completely understood his concern.  He made sure I had the number of the local mechanic just in case I needed a tow back from the top of the pass, and then he and I went our separate ways.

The total cost of my bill?  Eleven dollars for the coolant (with the senior discount!), $1.50 for my cup of tea, and $5 for the gift card I left Jack at the shop for the next time he buys his coffee.  What I got in return?    A car that traveled beautifully back to Denver, a wonderful conversation with a dear man and a chance to see Love in action in the form of an earth angel.

Thank you Jack, wherever you are!  You made my life a lot easier today and I thank God you were in the right place at the right time.

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  1. What a beautiful post! This is the true essence of paying it forward, one kind deed leads another to do something for someone else. Whereever you go, your light follows. I bet he enjoyed this encounter as much as you did!

  2. Love Is! What a wonderful experience of Love in motion. We all know that our angels are with us always but isn’t it wonderful when we can connect and simply share a cup of tea! Thank you for sharing.

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