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Eating with the Glycemic Index

Have you heard of the Glycemic Index?
It is a way of ranking food based on how quickly that food turns into sugar in your body.  The lower the glycemic level, the better the food is for you.  For example, it is better to eat a whole grain bread  because the extra fiber takes the bread longer to break down into sugar. Our country saw a rise in obesity and Diabetes when low fat or no fat snacks came on the market. That is because the fat actually slows down the process of turning a food into sugar.
Eating a balance of good fats, carbs and protein at each meal or snack can help you maintain a healthy weight and give you sustained energy throughout the day.

GI graph

For more information, go to this link.
The Glycemic Index
If you are interested in learning about incorporating a low glycemic diet into your life, call me and I am happy to help!

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