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I love sharing the story of an 8 year old girl named Gracie who wanted to eat nothing but junk food.  Her mother was complaining to a coach who specialized in emotional eating that her daughter just kept gaining weight and she was afraid she had given her daughter her own food issues.
When the coach found out that there were no immediate health concerns, she told the mother to create a chocolate cupboard, Gracie’s favorite food, and keep it stocked.  Gracie could eat however much she wanted.  In the first week, the mom filled the cupboard four times.  By the second week, she had to restock it once, and the third week, not at all.

What about you?  What if you could give yourself a cupboard full of your favorite food?  What if you let yourself eat it without criticizing yourself?

This exercise was not about food.  It was about Gracie’s desire to have her mother’s attention.  Gracie wanted her mother to trust her, and in the process, she also learned to trust herself.  The drama around food and weight gain was the language that Gracie used to communicate with her mother.  Food was never the issue.

We use food all the time to communicate with our bodies.  Unfortunately, we are not always listening.  Do you really believe that if you let yourself, you would eat your way across your entire kitchen?  The question is, what do you really need?  Consider asking yourself that question next time you feel the need to shove anything in your mouth.  “What do I really need?”
If you could put anything in that cupboard, my guess is, it wouldn’t be food.

It would be love and self-acceptance, so that you could see yourself as you really are, worthy of the abundance that life has to offer.  Or maybe it would be the time to take care of yourself.
When we become aware of our relationship with food, we can better nourish our souls, and our bodies.

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