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I spoke with my daughter Becca last night.  I wish that all of you could be privy to the conversations we have about her experience in Samoa.  I encourage her to write on her blog about all the changes she has experienced, and yet, as a twenty-three year old, there is a little trepidation about who would be reading her blog.  She is still hiding parts of her vulnerable self, and as someone who struggled to get my videos out, I understand that.  She is writing in a diary though, so someday, you may be able to understand all the growth that takes place when you allow yourself to be immersed in a culture far from your own.  In the mean time, if you haven’t been reading Becca’s blog, here it is.  Be sure to sign up for email updates.  She will usually post several blogs at one time, so scroll by date to find all the recent ones.

Today’s message is about change.  Becca went out to make a difference in the world, and in doing her work, she is changed by the experience.  Yet not everyone approaches their work in the same way.

Are you aware and open to the change that can occur with each encounter with another human being?  Or are you just going through the motions of your day, unaware of the people around you?  Are those encounters moments of distraction or of Divine Grace?

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