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Experiencing All of Life, Instead of Letting Busy-ness Numb Us

Experiencing All Of Life, Instead Of Letting Busy-ness Numb Us

Transitions are hard for most people. As I am moving into Empty Nest, there are many things going through my head.  I am excited about the new things I will create as a way of reaching out to others.  Mixed in with that are all the emotions of letting go of our last daughter as she heads to college.  I am excited for her, and worried too, about how well the college will serve gluten free meals.  I am sad that this raising of our daughters in our home is finished, and while they may come back, this will never be their home again in the same way, because they have a life outside of here.

I am working on feeling all of these emotions, instead of letting the busy-ness of our lives cover up and bury all those feelings.  Take a look.

What is your latest experience with feeling your emotions?

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