Book Writing and Sudoku

Sudoku is one of my favorite brain games, and even though I don’t have the patience for the wicked ones, I do like keep my brain thinking by challenging it with numbers.  There comes a point in the game, after you have coded each box with the possibilities, when filling in one more number will produce the final string of correct number placements, completing the board.  I realized this is much like problem solving in every day life.

When I look at the time line for completing my first book and all the pieces that have to fall together, it is overwhelming, much like a blank board game.  I have to take the time to analyze where each piece fits in and how it is going to be accomplished.  I am at the point with my book where I am sharing it with peer editors, just so I can have some feedback on the layout, chapter headings, content, etc.  All of that is followed by some more editing on my part before I hand it off to a real editor in January.  In the meantime, along with the writing, it is time to find a cover artist,  think about the layout of the book and most critically, begin to market my book.  That involves writing feature articles for magazines, speaking engagements, social networking, etc.  What I realize though is that all these pieces to my book are just like coding the squares in the puzzle.  It seems challenging piece by piece, number by number.  What I know is this.  There will come a time when I hit critical mass, and all the work I have put into the book will start a ball rolling and the rest of the process will proceed quickly because I have been planning for it all along.

Of course, none of this book structure would have come together without the help of Andrea Costantine and Lisa Shultz and their new book called “How to Bring Your Book to Life this Year.” This is a complete how to guide that will walk you through the whole process of getting your book to print.   I met with Andrea in January and told her my goal was to write my book this year.  When I broke my wrist in January, I didn’t think it would be possible.  Yet I was persistent, and with the help of these women, I will be celebrating my book launch date in April of 2011!  My book is called “She Moved Mountains” and it is the story of my journey back to health after a long illness.

Having faith and persistence is the only way to play the game of sudoku, to write a book , and to live life!  Eventually all the pieces fall into place, and you are rewarded with completed puzzle, your very own book in your hands, and a life full of meaning.