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Fall's New Beginnings

I love when late August, early September rolls around, and the nights become a little crisp, just right for sleeping.  As the colors of the trees start to move into deep reds and golds, and then the leaves begin to fall,  it seems like the right time to be thinking about what we are ready to let go of in our own lives.  But today, I want to think about all the possibilities in this season of new beginnings, of kids going back to school.

There is newness all around, if we live in the moment and notice.  I just opened a fresh box of crackers and I was aware of how the little savory rounds neatly lined up, ready for my feast.  A new box of crayons, pencils, pens, or sticky notes.  A book, a journal, a new walking path.  Anytime you open a package, start a new day, step into a new place, it is a chance to reflect on what is new in your life.  In what ways are you growing?  In what ways are you looking for opportunities?

As we take our oldest daughter back to college for her sophomore year, I share in her excitement as she looks forward to her first education classes, and participating in soccer and music, things she didn’t do her freshman year. As my middle daughter starts her junior year, I rejoice in her role in the school play, and her desire to create a healthy routine that will help her be successful.  Finally, I am amazed as my youngest daughter starts her freshman year, open to growth and chances to let her true light shine.

I may not be going back to school, but I do believe there are always lessons to be learned in the school of life.  Although this is the season of beginning our inward journey, new beginnings are all around us.  Even as I let go of a summer routine, I look forward to the discipline of a new work schedule.  I look forward to adding blogging time to my daily regime.  And I look forward to all the little beginnings that take place even among the times of letting go.  Be aware, Jan, and celebrate the joys of living in the moment, of growing in little ways, of letting your own light shine.

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