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Feeding Your Senses, Nourishing Your Soul


I just watched the movie Tortilla Soup again, and if you haven’t seen it, it truly is a feast for your eyes, as well as your soul. It is a feel good movie. Carmen, one of the daughters, asks a friend, “Do you know why we clink wine glasses when we are sharing a glass of wine? It is so the experience nourishes all of our senses.” First, there is the sight of a red (or white) liquid poured into a glass, there is the smell that is distinct for each wine, there is the feel of the wine glass in your hand and the taste of it on the tongue. And the clink is for the sound of a great moment shared.

So here are some of my favorite things in the kitchen.

SIGHT: I love the look of fresh vegetables and fruit piled high on my kitchen counter right after I come back from the grocery store. I love the sights of the farmer’s markets with fresh everything laid out for the eyes to take in. I love the look of fresh tomatoes sliced on a good bread with basil and melted fresh mozzarella. (Is anyone hungry yet?)

SOUND: I do like the dripping sound of coffee brewing, the sound the knife makes when chopping vegetables on a cutting board, and the sizzle of bacon frying in a pan. Oh, and the sound of laughter and the clink of wine glasses toasting the moment.

SMELL: I have to say that although the smell of coffee is amazing, I would say the smell of fresh basil, garlic and lemon all mixed into an amazing stir fry is my favorite.

TASTE: This is a toss up between the before mentioned stir fry and a great piece of dark chocolate followed by a swallow of great red wine.

TOUCH: I like the feel of fresh vegetables beneath my hand as I chop them for dinner. And I love the feel of my hot tea mug in my hands as I curl up for a morning meditation.

So, did this get the wheels in your head spinning or is just your stomach growling?

In this next week, spend time with a friend or your family and run through the senses and find your favorite images around food. I can guarantee that you will feel nourished by the experience, and my guess is that the food you eat will be a little more nutritious too.

Consider emailing me with your favorites in the kitchen. I will compile them and make them available to all of you for your eating pleasure!

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  1. What a fun insight to learn why we clink our glasses together. I took your advice a cut some fresh lilacs, full of fragrance, and put them on my kitchen counter. It arouses my sense of smell everytime I’m in the kitchen.

  2. That sounds wonderful. The fragrance and the sight of fresh lilacs remind me of my grandmother, who loved lilacs. It brings a smile to my face!

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