An Attitude of Gratitude Free Event: Parker Library, Saturday, November 16th



GratitudeHands down, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, not because of the delicious food, but because there is no need to be worried about gifts and overdecorating the house,and I get to focus on the people who sit around my table and realize how grateful I am for their presence in my life.

Gratitude has some wonderful health benefits.  Being grateful can strengthen the immune system, boost your well-being, increase your feelings of belonging and connection.  Building your appreciation for life can improve your heart and your relationships.  Writing in a gratitude journal can improve your quality of sleep.

If you are in need of boosting your gratitude muscle, please join me at a free event in Parker Library, where 6 speakers will share their wisdom on how gratitude is important in their lives.  I am one of those speakers and I will be speaking at 4:15.   Click here to learn more about the event and the other speakers.

Denver Speakers Bureau

In the mean time, please comment and tell me what you are most grateful for in your life!  I am grateful for the times I am most aware of my beingness, the times when just showing up in who I am can bring healing to others!