Holding Sacred Space

Walking through a doorway at the public library, I greeted the gentleman stepping the same way. “Nice smile,” he said.  We talked about the storm  moving in on the wind, and then he said, “Peace be with you.”  I returned the sentiment.  A tiny healing was sent out between us, and in that moment, all was right with the world.

Indeed, yesterday was a gift.  I had lunch with a dear friend who connected me to one of her dearest friends.  All of us are lightworkers, each bringing healing to the world in a unique way. One is an active healing touch instructor, teaching  techniques that bring about healing of the mind and body.  She touches people through her passion and involvement in LifeSpark, an organization which provides healing sessions for those who are suffering with cancer.  The other is holding sacred space, sending healing energy into the world through prayer and meditation. From deep within her is a need to connect energetically to the world, sending forth her love.    I am a writer, using my words to help others become aware of how God shows up in ordinary moments, like a person sharing a simple greeting of “Peace be with you.”   Each of us, in our own way, are living a call to bring about more peace and love in this broken and wounded world of ours.

My new friend talked about the importance of BEING in the world and the struggles to remain in this place and not feel the need to DO in order to be of importance.  Even after years of practice, the work of BEING remains a life-long path.  Our world puts more worth on worker bees so it is easy for feel like our efforts to be a peaceful presence are not of value.

As I think about my writing, and the fact that my blogs have been more spaced out in the last few weeks, I feel a “Should” over my shoulder, something that tells me that I should be writing more, should be connecting more, should be making my presence known more for the benefit of my book.  I chuckle as I remember what my friend used to say to me, “Don’t should on yourself!”

And I realize that my new friend’s efforts to just BE are of vital importance.  Her love and willingness to be a silent partner with the Divine, sharing her quiet gifts are an inspiration to me. Someone who spends time in prayer, gracing the world with light and love reminds me that there are no shoulds, there is only now.  She is helping to create a healing space where I can be present to my own true self and know beyond any doubt that regardless of what I DO, I am enough.  My smile, my presence, and my thoughts gathered into form when and where the appear are enough.

I am grateful for a rekindling of friendship, an awakening to the marvelous connection between souls, and the knowledge that  love flows in the spaces around us.  Indeed, all is right in the world.