Moving into Light

February Sunrise
February Sunrise

When you get up early in the morning, and you begin to see the night getting shorter, you know you are moving into Spring, one of my favorite times of year.  I love that the light is returning, and we are moving into warmer days.  I know that March and April will bring more snow, and yet when the sun rises each morning with blues and purples spread across the sky, I am grateful that even in the cold, the light begins to shine brighter this time of year.  We are slowly moving out of hybernation into that place of connection again- when we see our neighbors, take advantage of warm weather with long walks, and even sit outside to take in our dose of Vitamin D.  For me, this means moving back into writing my blog.

I have been absent from my blog, taking  necessary time to rethink all that I am doing, and to sit in the light of the morning and be in God’s love and glory. The truth is,  it is a lonely place to be when you spend a year creating videos and blogs and not have much response from the world around you. For a time, I felt alone, wondering why I am putting myself out there if no one is listening.  I still don’t really know exactly where the road leads, and yet I know God is calling me to shine my light brightly, and part of the way to do that is through writing.  I was lucky to receive an email a few weeks ago from a reader who simply said, “I miss you.”

I know what it is to wait for inspiration, for news of what someone has to say about their experience in the world.  Each time I receive notice of a blog post from either Becca or Hannah, who are both on their adventures in other parts of the world, I jump into their lives for a moment, and feel connected as if they were sharing a story around our kitchen table.  Their posts end too quickly and I am left wanting more.

In turn, I am now aware that my own scribblings might be connecting you to a bigger world, to a voice outside your own head that reminds you we are all in this together.  I know that a few words on a page can bring you to this present moment and remind you to laugh, or cry or be aware that the problems you face aren’t insurmountable, and that sometimes, we all need a good tough love to get going.  So what if my light shines brightly for only one person today- who knows what ripple effect that has on the bigger world.

I hope this blog today is your sign of light- a sign that you are not alone- We really are connected, and all it takes is a little imagination to put yourself around my kitchen table, where we share our experiences together.   So pour yourself a cup of tea, breathe in, and know I am thinking about you

, sending you whatever kind of love – gentle or tough- you need today.  

What is your experience of light returning?