Overcoming Perfectionism- You’re Not Broken So Stop Trying To Fix You!



Are you a  

Perfect Ten
Perfect Ten

 when it comes to Perfectionism?

I am a recovering perfectionist, and while I am not perfect at the recovering part, I am on the right road toward liking myself a lot more.  Are you like me?  Do others see you as strong and always together, but you know it is a lie? I want to share with you the things I have learned that will make your life easier by lowering your expectations, increasing your productivity, creating time to play and having a more realistic set of eyes with which to see the world.

 Are you someone who

•           Is constantly looking for reassurance that you did something well?

•           Is slow to make decisions or start projects because you don’t want to fail?

•           Gives up on a project too soon because you know you won’t do it perfectly?

•           Never can complete a project because it is never perfect?

•           Attempts to change other people because they don’t meet your expectations?

•           Is never good enough?

•           Is “motivated” by self-criticism?

•           Serious all the time and can never have fun?

•           Worries about the what ifs, and berates yourself when you don’t get something right?




If you answered yes to any of these questions,

this FREE call is for you.

Overcoming Perfectionism-

You’re Not Broken So Stop Trying To Fix You!


 Two different times for your convenience!

Wednesday, October 16th from 6-7 pm ( presentation and Q&A)  OR

Thursday, October 17th from 12-1 pm.


You’re going to love-

  • Having more awareness of where perfectionism shows up in your life
  • Experiencing self-compassion and gaining a tool to practice kindness toward self and others.
  • Releasing unrealistic expectations so you can immerse yourself in creativity
  • Redefining success so your own happiness is part of the equation.
  • Adding resources that can alter your thoughts and actions which can lead you to more peace and joy in your life.

You will be surprised and delighted in the awakening of other voices in your life, besides the critical voice that has “motivated” you in the past. We have learned to listen to that perfectionistic voice because it speaks the loudest, and the gift in hearing others is we get to hear what our own voice sounds like outside our heads( we say things to ourselves we would never say to others!)  You will begin to hear the voice of Compassion and Worthiness, and “I don’t have to be perfect”, and at some point on the journey, “I am enough.”   And one of the best voices to hear is “It is okay and healthy to have fun!”

We want our lives to be fun, so let’s have some fun on the call.

Results? Yes!  Here is what my coaching clients have experienced:

“Wow, it is okay for me to make a mistake.” 

“I don’t need other people to like me- I can make decisions based on what is best, not based on whether people will like the decisions I make.”

“Take it one day at a time and what I do not finish can wait.  Learn to relax, live in the moment. If something does not go as planned, it is not the end of the world.”

“I liked that Jan was able to relate stories and that she shared personal examples of how she experienced the same situations as me. To work through my issues (not to keep them inside) as best I can.”

“I am appreciating life/smaller moments more and I have become attuned to what triggers certain stress factors in my life and how to deal with them”.

“She always ask a question that makes me stop and think and then I see the answer, even if it I’m not ready for the answer, I see it in front of me.”

So Why Me as Your Guide?

Because I have a PHD in Perfectionism.  Seriously, you could say that I have a double or even triple PHD because I have been practicing it all my life.  Have no doubt that perfectionism has been a gift in your life- to a certain extent.  Perfectionism allowed me to survive childhood and get where I am today, yet when that critical voice is the only one I listen to, my life has no balance. I am willing to be vulnerable and open to you about my own struggles so you can know you are not alone on this journey.

Are you like me, ready to take the steps necessary to allow new thoughts and the voice of compassion to create your life?

What is the risk?

There is no risk, except being willing to take one step on the road to change.

Did I mention that this is a FREE call?  Two times for your convenience.

Wednesday, October 16th from 6-7 pm OR

Thursday, October 17th from 12-1 pm


And yes, there will be more juicy details on the call about how you can dive into the work of becoming a recovering perfectionist in an upcoming teleseries.  Signing up for the call and becoming more aware is a huge step, and anchoring your learning with more practice in the teleseries can lead to more significant results- more peace, more fun, more creativity and success.  And one of the greatest benefits is the community of people who will walk the journey with you to be the voice of compassion.  Amazing how we can give that to others when we can’t be compassionate to self.  That is about to change!

Are you ready?  Let’s move from perfect to perfectly human and divine!