Route 66 is the Road for Me


Road sign Route 66 in Utah USA

It was  a challenging January for me- It is the start of the year, when it seems like everyone around me has set their yearly goal, and are already up to speed, arriving at their first goals for the end of the month.  I don’t even feel like I see the highway yet.  My friend Diana from Revelwise calls January the onramp, the time when you are just getting ready to enter the full year.


I realize that this time of year is really about recuperation for me, or at least I recognize this after January has been challenging.  I do at least a third of my business in the last quarter of the year, setting up booths every weekend, not having the time to renew my energy in between shows.  Then I have all the family festivities at the holidays, which included a houseful of people for 8 days, a meal for 16 and one for 11.  I didn’t even allow myself to really rest this past month, but instead felt the need to be on the super highway like everyone else.


Everyone else.  That is one of those lies I tell myself because I think I am behind.  It is something I say when I am playing the comparison game, stacking my accomplishments next to another person and perceiving my shortcomings.


My body is tired, my mind is racing, and I am spinning my wheels, feeling overwhelmed by what is in front of me.  This onramp to the highway isn’t going to work for me this year. I don’t think I can handle the highway when there are other things besides my business that need my attention.  The highway doesn’t always provide me the pull off I need to create a safe boundary between what is work and what is rest.  (Art can be both and I want to be able to tell the difference!)


I have decided that I need a Route 66, a way to reach my destination and see the beauty along the way. I definitely have goals, and things I want to accomplish, and in order to do that, I have to be able to see the big picture, something I don’t get when I am on the highway.  You see, my word of the year is connect. This will require me to pay attention, notice what is crossing my path, and build partnerships with the right people, in ways that create a win-win for both parties. It will require me to trust another person with my vision, and allow them to support me in achieving it.  It will require me to listen well, to make intuitive decisions, to communicate with compassion, clarity and grace.  And this requires a slower route, one that allows me to take in all that is around me, to trust the process instead of powering through because I see others moving faster than me.  The slow route allows me to take in the scenery, to notice the way the clouds move across the sky, to watch the new growth as it begins to emerge from the earth, to drink chai with friends, to spend time with family, to create for the sake of creating.

I want to breathe in the quiet moments when I can most feel my spirit alive in me.  (Inspired by my friend Andrea’s blog-  Community for the Soul )I am tired of racing, tired of running the comparathon marathon.


My intention is to create.  I hold on to the vision of what good my finished projects can bring to the world, and I TRUST that the steps will fall into place.  I trust that I won’t have to learn all of WordPress and Woo Commerce, the programs that run my website, and the right person will find their way to me to help me with the things that challenge me.


It feels good to write.  To stop, to breathe, to connect to you, to know that what I do makes a difference.


In the comments below, take the time to let me know why Route 66 might be a good road of choice for this year.   I want to know if I will meet you along the way!