What Surprises Lie Inside?

Even though the heat of the day still keeps us inside, mostly because of the forest fire smoke, I am beginning to feel the shift in the night air.  It is subtle, and not yet the crisp of fall, but there is a change and it brings the coolness my soul is yearning for.

On our walk Saturday night, Tony picked this from a tree in the park.  Do you know what it is?  It is one of my favorite surprises at this time of year.

And here is the trick to finding out what is inside.  Patience!  It will only open on its own time, when it has dried out enough to pop open the outer shell to reveal the treasure inside.  It will take at least a month for me to even see a crack in the shell.

It is really the perfect analogy for where I am in my business.  I can feel the subtle shift coming, and I am excited about what the future holds, but I don’t know what it looks like.  I have to move with patience and trust that all will reveal itself in time.

Since I can’t be doing shows now, I am taking a business class that is helping me identify the why of my business, and the purpose my business helps me to live in the world.

One thing I know.  I love to create with stories in mind, as you learned last week.  One thing I am contemplating is somehow teaching a process art class where we use journals and art to tell a story of our lives.  What do you think?

I also know how much I have enjoyed creating art with someone in mind, like my mailbox projects.  The art tells a story and I am happy that it brings wonderful memories and joy to the people I am creating it for.  I want to create commissioned art pieces, telling stories through my art to bring healing and joy to others.   This also means I will be selling less prints and more original art.  I will make my prints numbered moving forward so you know you are getting something quite special!

Building Bridges Mandolin

The word healing keeps coming up in my work.  I believe I will see more ways for me to incorporate healing into my art through sacred words, symbols and my healing intention for the people who buy the art.  I have always desired to paint the sacred feminine and will have to trust that when the time is right, the sacred feminine energy will direct my process and help me bring something to life.

It is a long process, this discovering who I am becoming.  It is not a process with quick answers, and yet, I feel something new rising in me.  While I can see its shape and feel the weight of it within, I cannot see the details or imagine what my art will look like moving forward.  I do know that I am being called to create for my own being, and not worry so much about whether people will like it or buy it.

I have enrolled in an online watercolor/gouache class where I will be learning from eight different teachers.  I am excited to add some new techniques to my skill set and watch my artistic expression to grow and change.

What does this mean for you?

It means you get to experience joy and healing in more ways as I continue to bring what is inside of me to light.  I am so happy to have people like you who already love what I do.  I think together, we are going to find delight in the surprises ahead.

Just like the hard, pokey shell sitting in my front window, we need a little patience, and we need to trust our own unfolding.   (Don’t worry, I will reveal its contents in time!  Those of you from the Midwest already know what it is!)

More to come as I continue to learn and unfold what is next for me!