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Following a Dream

Following A Dream

I have been wondering why my life looks so different from most people I know.  Now I realize I missed my ship- the one that would keep me on the steady path, where the winds wouldn’t pull me in the wrong direction, storms would never rock the boat, and the prize would always be on the horizon.

Oops!  Is there really such a thing?  Today I wrote in my journal about following my true voice and allowing the light God has given me to shine in the best way possible.   That means not following a traditional path.  And then after I wrote, I found this picture on Facebook. Confirmation that it is okay to be where I am?

I have often thought about what it would be like to be “normal”- to have done something much more traditional.  I can easily create a picture in my head that tells me my way is wrong and I should still pursue a job where my income would be more consistent and I would worry less.  I always measure my little acts of connecting with other human beings and sharing my own life wisdom as completely inadequate to the pursuit of the almighty dollar.  Yet my journal says, “As much as I try to make a regular job sound good, my body collapses on itself at the thought of being caged in parameters that don’t allow me to be who I am meant to be.”

“Some would say I am chasing a dream. Yes, in fact I am.  And in the years I have been chasing it, it has morphed and evolved and has become truer and more real.   An Olympic athlete  doesn’t win a medal without years of refining their skills, strengthening their muscles, overcoming obstacles, recovering from setbacks,  reflecting on what is important and refocusing their eyes on the goal.”  Jillian Michaels says “Fear will leave but regret stays forever.”  I don’t want to regret anything in my life.  I don’t want to give up, when I have come this far.

I finally feel that all the years of my work have put me on the starting block in a great adventure.  It is not a race with winners and losers, but rather a grand adventure where we all succeed when we step into the truth of our greatness. All of the work I have done to this point is about to pay off, and I will reap the rewards.  I have a vision of my life as a speaker and  compassionate leader, and can see how my work  makes a difference in the lives of those I touch.  I have become comfortable in my own light, which allows me to shine it brightly for others to see their own power and beauty.   I dream of connecting with, inspiring, and leading others to live more fully in this moment .  I am already doing that, so now I am just taking it into a bigger arena.  And while the path may not be normal, it is true and wise.  The ocean is waiting.


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