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Following My Heart, Living My Mission

Tuesday I had the opportunity to reconnect with a friend.  She was struggling with some life issues (Aren’t we all?) so we met and talked for a couple of hours.  It is always amazing to hear the words coming out of my mouth that bring clarity to her, while in the background I hear another voice inside my head whispering, “Are  you listening to what you are saying?”    I seem to have surrounded myself with teachers who are showing me the way on my path through their own struggles.

Today in the mail, I received a card from my friend that was just a perfect follow up to our talk.  It said, ” Following your heart will cost you dearly, but not following your heart will be much more expensive.”

How many times have I lost my way, panicked, and spent hours looking for jobs I know aren’t right for me just because I get scared and I want some sense of security?  But when I calm down and listen to my heart, I learn to trust again that I am on the right path, creating security by being true to myself.  I don’t want to find out how expensive it would be to not follow my heart.  I have had enough experiences to know that working at a job that brings me no pleasure will not be kind to my body or my heart.  I always come back to my mission statement which is “to be a healing presence in the world.”  Every decision I make needs to be based on how it fits within the mission I am living now.  As I write this, I notice that my mission doesn’t include filling my back account, and using money to measure my success.  My success is measured in the time spent with friends bringing clarity to confusion, encouraging and letting them know that I support them in their decisions.  My success is measured in time spent with young people, working through a book called Success for Teens, teaching them that a good philosophy and taking little steps everyday can make a difference in their futures.  My success is measured in time spent capturing the story of an elderly couple who have no children with whom to share their stories, so I become the listener, the keeper of the stories of  the depression and World War II, knowing that there is healing in the telling.

Yes, I continue to be grateful for the time spent with others when I truly feel I have been a healing presence.  And I continue to follow my path, writing my story and now helping others to write their stories with Spirited Roots, trusting that by being a healing presence in the world, the God of love will take care of my own needs, including filling a bank account with what I need to live and continue my work.

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