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God Lives Outside Our Box! (Inside too)

“God is bigger than the limitations of my sight.”

This quote came from a Sunday homily at church.  I had to find a pen and scribble it down because it is so good and full of insight.  “God is bigger than the limitations of my sight.”  I have often heard the saying that we look at the world through human eyes and not with the eyes of God.  So as humans, it really is a stretch to see the world from the eyes of unconditional love.

Sometimes when I write,  I look at my words individually, not strung together to make a beautiful melody on paper.   We do that with people too.  We get stuck on an action that we witnessed or were the recipient of and we judge the whole person in that one moment.   But the reality is we are all much bigger and better than we are in any single moment of our lives.   The person who cut us off in traffic this morning could have just learned of an illness in the family.   The family member who doesn’t hold his/her tongue could be expressing pent up emotions about a physical limitation he/she is living with.    God’s love is in each of us, and God chooses to show up in the world in ways we don’t always see or understand.  Yet just because I don’t see God doesn’t mean that God isn’t present.

Another prayer I distinctly heard was “let me be the change in the world in this moment I am living in.”  It is a lot to hope for to pray for peace in the world.  But if I choose to be present to the moment, and each person in my neighborhood does too, we can begin to see what needs to be done in this present moment, and that change will allow us to look at changing another moment in time, and so on.  Continuing to live in the present, not focused on the future or the past  is the only way we can begin to see God in our presence.  And I will continue my journey towards a more unconditional love, knowing that however hard I try, I will never see the world as beautiful as God does, because my human limitations cannot grasp and cannot see with the eyes of God.  We glimpse, but just like the passing sunset, the moment is gone.  Yet we continue on, looking for evidence of God’s touch on humanity.

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