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Grace = Gratitude

Heart in red wood

Heart in red wood

The second experience was last night when I shared the evening with a group of ladies who all work at Regis High School.  Their small WISE group read my book and asked me to come discuss with them.  The love and friendship shared among these women was clear to me from the start, and I was privileged to join them for dinner and an evening of stories.  The energy of love and healing  moving through the group enveloped me and I can still feel and see their arms of love and support around me and each other this morning.

The grace filled moments continue this morning as I try to put into words my experiences.  I am drawn back into another time in my life when I was lucky enough to see a great man, Jim Rohn, present on becoming your best.  At the end of his talk in front of 3000 people, he put his hands together in prayer pose and bowed to everyone in the audience.  That simple movement spoke to me of such gratitude- we were the lucky ones to hear him speak, and yet, he was showing us that he felt changed by the experience too.  As I left last night, I put my hands in prayer pose and whispered Namaste.  “The God or light in me sees the God or light in you.”

Grace shows up when we are open to the experiences in our lives, and we are willing to learn and move forward with a new vision.  Today, the only word I have for the joy these experiences bring to me is G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E.

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