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If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.

Meister Eckhart

I had the luxury of spending the weekend at the family cabin on Columbine Lake right outside Grand Lake.  It was an amazing weekend to spend by myself, organizing my journal from 15 years ago into the story called She Moved Mountains.  It is the story of my journey back to health over a years time.  As I was organizing the section I call “The Long Haul,” I was almost physically sick thinking about what my husband and I did to survive- countless dressing changes on an open belly wound, weekly trips to doctor’s offices, and lots of unknowns about my physical health.  I hope that my condensation of the summer of my illness allows the readers to get a glimpse of what we went through, and how we came out on the better end of the deal.

I am grateful to Fran and Carol for letting me stay at the cabin.  It is an amazing place and this time of year is magical.  I loved getting up early to see the fish jump at least a foot out of the water to catch their breakfast.  The aspen are turning and although the nights are cold, the days were in the 60s and 70s- just perfect for several walks around the lake.  I even climbed the winter sledding hill and found a nice rock perch on which to view 360 degrees of mountains.    I reflected on my life, especially in relation to where I was 15 years ago on the brink of death, and I realize just how precious life is, and how spectacular my life is now.  I have an amazing husband who loves me and who supports my dream to write this book.  I have beautiful daughters who continue to bless my life with their laughter and wisdom.  And I have countless friends who grace my life with their own experiences.  I am richly blessed.  The only response that could possibly express what I was thinking was “Thank you.”

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