Living Your Thanks

Good things are born of gratitude- like this business.  A few years ago, I decided to start my year with the writing of thank you notes.  I had read the book  A Simple Act of Gratitude by John Kralik.  It is the story of how writing thank you notes to people like the barista or the postal carrier, as well as family and friends changed the author’s life.

I knew I wanted to live with more gratitude,  and thank the group of people around me who continue to support me.  This was not just family and friends, but the tribe of people who cross paths with me and who share real moments of vulnerability with me.   What started with a few thank you notes developed  into a business where I help people connect and create meaningful conversations with themselves and others.

That desire to help create connections is still the focus of my business.  I can’t tell you the number of stories I hear about how my little “Be Kind to Yourself” card has affected recipients.  I laugh and cry with the people I encounter, who all have their own little story about self-kindness.

So instead of focusing on Thanksgiving, I am Living Thanks for the blessings that come even in the smallest of ways every day. I am living thanks when I stretch my body into yoga poses in the morning, or pick up my journal and pen.  I am living thanks when I connect with a friend, bake a new recipe,  call a family member.  I choose to focus on the good and be joyful amidst the challenges.  I am grateful for the smiles that brighten dark corners of the world, and gentle touches that remind us we are not alone.

Choose Joy– Take a minute and think about a way you live your thanks every day. Either send a thank you note, write in a gratitude journal, write in a joy journal, hug a friend, ask for help, reflect on a self-care card, etc.  Then take a moment and share your story here.  Perhaps you too have had an experience where the message of Be Kind showed up at the right time.  Share your story!