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Guest Blogger: Andrea Constantine

You’ve Been Called to Greatness – Have you answered?

As I have experienced my own challenges and growing pains – I seek to gain a greater awareness about the work that I am doing and how I can best serve others.  Tuning into my deepest hearts desires and “feeling” that pull to do and be more I’ve asked the question – am I really being called to greatness? Knowing that the answer can only come from a deep place within, the response is always a resounding YES!

In this realization of my own call to greatness, I know that who I serve are those exact same people. Those people – like you – who have been called to greatness; to participate in service to humanity, contribution, healing, consciousness, and evolution of the human spirit.

Recognizing that you have been called, or “tapped” as some would say is the first step into your greatness. Many of the magnificent people I work with and come across are not able to fully see their own greatness. At times they seek outside approval – needing others to validate their ability before they have internally accepted it. It’s time that you make the decision, that yes indeed – YOU have been called to greatness.

Knowing that you have been called upon to serve humanity and making a commitment to that calling is the second step into your greatness. This means losing the doubt that you’ve made this up in your head, that you aren’t good enough, that you’ll never make it, or this route is too painful to endure. Whatever it is, let go of the head trash by allowing your greatness to shine through.

Next, let go of comparison to others – their journeys, their path, and where everyone else is in this moment compared to you. Their paths and journeys are not relevant to your own. Seek what you can learn from others, but do not let others successes or failures become a measure of your own greatness.

Lastly, follow the guidance of your Higher Self (God, Spirit, Source, or Universe).  Stop trying to do it all alone and seek support from those that are following something greater.  Turn within to find your own answers and let your life be lead.

Heading the call does not mean that life will come without lessons, pain, failure, or fear. It does; however, ensure that if you have felt that “tap” than what you have felt is real and it is your duty to humanity to answer that calling and step into your greatness.

Andrea M. Costantine is the Service & Soulful Marketing Strategist, helping conscious business owners find easy and authentic ways to market their services utilized whole person and spiritual marketing strategies. She’s passionate about freedom, self-expression, and inspiring human potential. You can find out more about Andrea and her work at

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