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Guest Blogger: Andrea Constantine

I continue to be inspired by Andrea’s writings and thoughts about being in the flow.  We are our own worst enemies, pulling ourselves off track.  Andrea’s columns are a great reminder to be in a state of awareness and allowing, and trusting that you are in the right place.  Enjoy!  Jan

A Sign For Change

There comes a time in our lives and businesses that things begin to unravel. We may feel restless, exhausted, confused or hopeless. Whatever the feelings may be we know that in our core that these are not the feelings that we want to live in.

These emotions; however, daunting they may feel bring out a truth that we cannot deny. Wherever we are, or wherever we are headed is not aligned with our spirit. These feelings come as a warning sign that we have misdirected our course, that we’ve gotten off track, or perhaps the pathway we’ve been on has simply expired and a new one is ready to emerge.

Whatever the outcome may be, the truth is that these feelings and emotions are simply a sign for change.

As scary as change may be, in times of distress or duress, it can be the fastest way of moving towards something that is more aligned with who you are now in this very moment.

There comes a time when you simply have to shake things up. You let go of commitments, beliefs, people, ideas, and ways of being that no longer serve you. You open up the space to allow what is needing to come through to evolve and be shown to you.

You drop your guard and surrender – knowing that the Universe never takes you down a path that doesn’t serve your highest good. You simply give up your will, for the will of the divine.

As you allow yourself to be lead, as you stop leading your life, and you simply wait for the answers – the inspired action to move you forward, you are able to move into a new space, a new direction.

Despite the painful feelings of the past you know they were simply a sign for change, a message from the Universe that things are about to get shaken up.

And while you may not see the steps of the new path, you trust that what lies ahead is a way for you to be more, serve more people, and achieve your greatest purpose.

But you see none of this could happen if you keep holding on to where you are right now, if you are still forcing things to look the way you want them to look, and if you are fighting the signs of change.

But what if you simply surrendered, you moved out of the way, opened up the gates of divine wisdom, stepped aside and said out loud – I’m done, I’ll let you lead now.

How beautiful would your life look then?

Andrea M. Costantine is the Service & Soulful Marketing Strategist, helping conscious business owners find easy and authentic ways to market their services utilized whole person and spiritual marketing strategies. She’s passionate about freedom, self-expression, and inspiring human potential. You can find out more about Andrea and her work at

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  1. Thank you so much for reposting this on your blog – I’m honored. I believe that transparency in our business not only serves our own growth but the growth of our clients as well!

  2. I love reading entries that make me feel connected to others. I am going through much change and reorganization in my personal and professional life. I am focusing on simplification and doing less while earning more. I feel like I am going through a lot of change, but that when I get through it, things will be better. I connected with Andrea’s words and feel relieved that others are often going through similar changes in their lives. Together we can support each other and give support and encouragement. Thanks Andrea and Jan for expressing and sharing your thoughts.

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