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Guest Blogger: Andrea Constantine

Turbulence on the Runway

Have you ever noticed that the more we push and force our way to our goals the more obstacles and challenges we come up against? With the flying I’ve been doing lately, I happened to look out onto the tarmac and realize, wow – all this pushing and forcing is completely unnecessary and it’s exactly like experiencing turbulence on the runway. Meaning, things have gotten a little bumpy when you haven’t even taken off yet.

As human beings we often work backwards, making things harder than they have to be and therefore, experiencing turbulence when things should be running smoothly.

I’ve noticed that the more we push, struggle, force, and use sheer will the harder our lives feel. This pushing bring on other emotions as well such as discontentment, fear, disbelief, and scarcity.

At times we run at full speed only to notice that our surroundings haven’t changed at all. You’ve been working “hard” yet have nothing to show for it.  When we pause to get honest with ourselves we realize that none of this pushing or struggling equates to how we really want to live our lives.

Having my own major breakthroughs I’ve realized that I’ve been running full speed, experiencing turbulence on the runway, and rowing upstream for awhile. While I’ve been achieving great things over the past year, I still easily fall back into the patterns of pushing.

Exhausting myself, I’ve put thing into place and have been practicing the art of letting go, tuning in, and following even more divinely inspired guidance. And wow – how good does this feel. I am checking in and asking myself – is this really how I want to live my life? That question has brought some great awareness and some new direction.

If you are or have experienced something similar I wanted to offer you a few tips for gaining more awareness and getting rid of the turbulence on the runway and instead move into smooth sailing – high up in the sky!

1. Let go of EVERYTHING that no longer serves your highest good. This means people, obligations, clients, and commitments. If you said yes to something that doesn’t truly light you up – come clean and let it go!

2. Ask yourself is this what I really, really, really want? Is this my juiciest, deepest, most delicious desire or am I stuck in a pattern of doing what’s good enough, and what I think I can achieve?

3. Ask yourself if I died today and people said “That (insert your name) was a great (insert what you are currently doing)!” Would you roll over in your grave?  Example “That Andrea, she sure was a great marketing coach”

The point is most of the time when we experience turbulence it’s often because we are taking the harder path. We believe that where we are headed is the path of least resistance, but in actuality if your soul is calling you to be and do something greater with your life and you are playing small, the Universe is going to rock your world until you wake up to your magnificence and your brilliance.

If you are feeling the pull to stop living a mediocre life and start living the life you’ve always desired, then I am inviting you to take advantage of a complimentary “Maximize Your Potential and Discover Your True Worth” coaching session with me.  See details below for more information.

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Andrea M. Costantine is the Service & Soulful Marketing Strategist, helping conscious business owners find easy and authentic ways to market their services utilized whole person and spiritual marketing strategies. She’s passionate about freedom, self-expression, and inspiring human potential. You can find out more about Andrea and her work at

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