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Guest Contributer: Julio Blanco

Your Life and a Pot of Boiling Water

It is dinner time and you’re hungry for pasta, so you throw a pack of spaghetti into a pot of water. Except you don’t boil the water first, in fact, you don’t boil the water at all. Ten minutes go by and you’re wondering why all you’ve got is soggy spaghetti.

Do you ever feel like you’ve served up is a plate of soggy spaghetti in your life? Am I joking? The analogy is actually closer than you think. Both you and the pasta live in a vibrational universe. Vibration is where the game is at my friend.

To be cooked, your pasta needs to align with the vibe of boiling water. That vibe is the heat it takes to cook pasta; hot water molecules moving (vibrating) a lot faster than cold ones. That’s the vibe that creates cooked spaghetti.

While the vibe that brings cooked pasta to life (manifests it) is expressed through heat energy, the vibe of your broader life experience is generated from your thoughts and revealed through your feelings. Both the pasta and your thoughts can be hot or cold, positive or negative, and a wide range in between.

Your feelings tell you whether the vibe you are choosing is hot or cold. A hot vibe signals that your thoughts are in alignment with your broader good and your soul’s desire. A cold vibe is letting you know that you are out of sync with your own best life. There is a specific vibe to being joyful, grateful, excited, in love, healthy, wealthy and all the yummy experiences that you desire. Likewise, the experiences you don’t desire have a specific vibe too.

How can you translate this attraction concept into everyday living?

If you are going about your days in cold emotional water, just be aware that you are not going to cook up the kind of life that you want. So it really pays to engage in internal, spiritual work – to boil the water of your life. Doing that comes down to one thing: alignment.

What you are seeking to align is the vibe you are experiencing right now, in this moment, with the vibration of what you want. Put another way, you want to feel right now the way you will feel when your desire is realized. You want to feel right now the way you’ll feel when you are experiencing the joy, health, love, wealth, etc. that you want to experience. When you find and stay in that groove, you are attracting what you want and its manifestation is a certainty.

Alignment is about finding that feeling place that matches the life you want. That means feel that life right now, even if you are using your imagination to create the thoughts that match that feeling instead of allowing your physical senses to dictate what you think.

Does that seem like a shell game? Again, it’s a vibrational universe. You get what you vibrate. Your mind can’t tell the difference between thoughts that match your current physical experience (what we usually call “reality”) or the equally real vibrational reality that you can create with your imagination. Wherever the thoughts are coming from, they set up the vibration that determines what you will attract… and you get to choose what that is going to be.

The idea that the “real” reality is that available through your physical senses is a preconception, a belief system that can be very limiting to your attraction abilities. You have a sixth sense which is the broader knowing of your soul. You experience this sense through the phenomenon of your feelings, intuition, and even what healers may experience as “seeing” energy. So give yourself permission to turn on the power of choosing your thoughts and using your imagination to attract what you want.

It’s that simple – align your vibe FIRST and you’ll attract what you want. First means first! That way as you act, the vibe you are attracting with is drawing to you what you want.  If you move into action while your dominant vibe is focused on what you don’t want, you are applying energy to attracting what you don’t want. That means that your key work is to get aligned before acting, so that your actions are endowed with the inspiration and power of that alignment.

Bon appétit.

About Julio

Julio Blanco wants to see you deliberately create your own experience today and every day hereafter. As the founder of Envision Lifeworks, he inspires and empowers clients to choose joy in life and experience the thrill of creating it as they learn to play with the Law of Attraction.A contributing author to the best-selling Overcomers, Inc., Julio can be found enjoying the great outdoors in his beloved Colorado and playing with his kids. Catch up with Julio on Facebook and Twitter!

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