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Happy Anniversary!

My husband and I have been married 24 years today.  What a wild ride it has been.  It seems so long ago that we were starving college students living in Minnesota.  Then we became parents for the first time in Iowa.  We came home to Colorado to be closer to grandparents.  We are now in the process of raising and launching three teenage daughters.  I wouldn’t trade my life, even with all its up and downs.  We have survived job changes and moves, a very lengthy illness, a congenital heart defect with a daughter, years of dance performances and endless soccer games, the sending off of our oldest to college in Minnesota, and now we are in the process of helping our middle daughter find her way into the college world.   Yet even in the middle of all of the activities surrounding our children, we have found the time to connect in some way each day, to talk about us.  We don’t just talk about the schedule, or what the latest drama is with the girls, but somehow, we get to talk about our lives as a couple.  What do you still dream about?  What was your day like today?  What did you learn?  Where did you see God?

And I believe it is these moments of connection and joy that get us through the dark times, the in between times, and they are what make our lives today extraordinary.

My husband asked for a poem book for Christmas called “Odes to Common Things,” by Pablo Neruda.  So I am giving it to him today on our anniversary with an ode of my own.  I hope you enjoy it too.    If anyone knows how to leave the spaces in between stanzas,  I would love to know how to do that.  This poem reads so much better with the breaks.

Ode to Tony

Sleepily rising,

Prayer comes with hands

Wrapped around a coffee cup,

Basking in quiet sunrises

His work is holy

Making tangible

all things Extraordinary

creating sacred space for

experiencing Divine Love

In musical acoustics

Or soccer techniques

Enthusiasm exudes

Richness abounds

Ordinary in his

Working, sleeping, rising

Wrestling with life

In shadow

And light

Yet uncommon

In his delight of daughters and me

Joy escaping in laughter

presence is love


Through his eyes

deep love

Penetrates my life

Passion beyond words

Ode to the man

Who makes Extraordinary

Our ordinary Life

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