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Happy Spring

Happy Spring!

In Colorado, it is sometimes hard for us to think Spring when we have late snow storms.   Fifteen inches in the last two storms doesn’t really hint at Spring.   But as the snow has melted this weekend, what is showing through is the bright green grass, the purples of grape hyacinths, the mixed colors of pansies , and the reds and yellows of tulips and daffodils.
Even if it snows here in March and April, I can go to the grocery store and see the colors of spring.  Red, ripe strawberries fill up the produce isles, along with the blueberries.  One of my favorite vegetables, asparagus, can also be found in bright green and tender white varieties.  Mother Nature sure knew what she was doing when she made fruits and vegetables the colors of the seasons.

This week, take an hour or two and focus on color.  Whether you are in a store or outside in Mother Nature, I am sure you can find a reason to appreciate the palate of Spring.  Notice the subtle differences between shades of the same color, or how colors complement each other.

Maybe think of this exercise as a way to see the world through a different set of eyes.  Is there something in your life that you need to see from a different perspective?  Instead of looking at something from a negative point of view, how can you change a situation and look at it from the positive changes that it is creating in you?

And as you realize what a beautiful world we live in, be grateful for your eyes, your ability to see the world in three dimensions,  to see the amazing richness of nature, whether in or outside, snow or no snow.

The world is waiting for you!

Happy Exploring!

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